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A b c "The future of Wikipedia: WikiPeaks?". Modifications to all articles would be published immediately. Retrieved March 24, 2009. 164 Editors of traditional reference works such as the Encyclopædia Britannica have questioned the project's utility and status as an encyclopedia. Frewin, Jonathan (June 15, 2010). A b c Sanger, Larry (April 18, 2005). "Wikipedia denies child abuse allegations: Co-founder grassed the outfit to the FBI". 6, it is owned and supported by the. "Founder shares cautionary tale of libel in cyberspace". Retrieved February 25, 2019. 153 Accuracy of content Main article: Reliability of Wikipedia Articles for traditional encyclopedias such as Encyclopædia Britannica are carefully and deliberately written by experts, lending such encyclopedias a reputation for accuracy. Katherine Maher, the nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation's chief communications officer, said the changes address a sentiment among volunteer editors that, 'we're not an advertising service; we're an encyclopedia. For Wikipedia's home page, see. 5 Elite Residence 381 metres (1,250 ft) The Address the blvd 370 metres (1,210 ft) Almas Tower 360 metres (1,180 ft) Tallest office building in the city. Lam, Shyong; Anuradha Uduwage; Zhenhua Dong; Shilad Sen; David.

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The Wikipedia project sought the switch to the Creative Commons. Archived from the original on June 22, 2018. 186 Contrasting Wikipedia's treatment of Abraham Lincoln to that of Civil War historian James McPherson in American National Biography Online, he said that both were essentially accurate and covered the major episodes in Lincoln's life, but praised "McPherson's richer contextualization. Since Wikipedia is based on the Web and therefore worldwide, contributors to the same language edition may use different dialects or may come from different countries (as is the case for the English edition ). Free online encyclopedia that anyone can edit "The Free Encyclopedia" redirects here. 7, the history of skyscrapers in Dubai began with the construction. 137 Jimmy Wales has described Wikipedia as "an effort to create and distribute a free encyclopedia of the highest possible quality to every single person on the planet in their own language". Yair AmichaiHamburger, Naama Lamdan, Rinat Madiel, Tsahi Hayat, Personality Characteristics of Wikipedia Members, CyberPsychology Behavior, December 1, 2008, 11 (6 679681; doi :.1089/cpb.2007.0225. 165 Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales has claimed that Wikipedia has largely avoided the problem of "fake news" because the Wikipedia community regularly debates the quality of sources in articles. "What If the Great Wikipedia 'Revolution' Was Actually a Reversion? 256 At the 2013 level of contributions for Wikimedia presently documented as 45 million dollars, the computed budget level recommended by Jaffe and Caballero for reinvestment into internal research and development is between.8 million and.3 million dollars annually. Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing.

of the sexual abuse of children under the protect Act of 2003. An Exploration of Wikipedia's Gender Imblance" (PDF). They are coordinated in part by Meta-Wiki, the Wikimedia Foundation's wiki devoted to maintaining all of its projects (Wikipedia and others). 2, the tower has stood as both the tallest building in the world and the tallest man-made structure of any kind in the world since its completion in January 2010. "Wikipedia: The know-it-all Web site". 91 This can at times lead to the removal of information that, though valid, is not properly sourced. These differences may lead to some conflicts over spelling differences (e.g. Studying Cooperation and Conflict between Authors with History Flow Visualizations (PDF). Almost half of Wikipedia readers visit the site more than five times a month, and a similar number of readers specifically look for Wikipedia in search engine results. The foundation relies on public contributions and grants to fund its mission. Viégas ; Martin. 9 JW Marriott Marquis Dubai Tower 1 355 metres (1,165 ft) Second tallest hotel in the world after Gevora Hotel. "World of Knowledge" (PDF). That infects the collectively-managed Wikipedia project: if you react strongly to trolling, that reflects poorly on you, not (necessarily) on the troll. Retrieved May 5, 2009.

Retrieved September 6, 2011. 54 The Tower 243 metres (797 ft) Sama Tower 240 metres (790 ft) Churchill Residency 235 metres (771 ft) The Buildings by Daman * 235 metres (771 ft) Park Place 234 metres (768 ft) Mag 218 Tower 232 metres (761 ft) Al Tayer Tower 225 metres (738 ft) Also known as the. The author, Danah Boyd, describes herself as an expert on social media. 313 On September 16, 2007, The Washington Post reported that Wikipedia had become a focal point in the 2008 US election campaign, saying: "Type a candidate's name into Google, and elokuvateatteri marilyn seinäjoki pilluseuraa among the first results is a Wikipedia page, making those entries arguably as important. When compared to the top 3,200 educational reference sites in the US, Wikipedia. Retrieved July 13, 2007. Douglas, Ian (November 10, 2007). 324 Speaking at the Asturian Parliament in Oviedo, the city that hosts the awards ceremony, Jimmy Wales praised the work of the Asturian language Wikipedia users. Wikimedia has created the Wikidata project with a similar objective of storing the basic facts from each page of Wikipedia and the other WMF wikis and make it available in a queriable semantic format, RDF. 106 Community Main article: Wikipedia community Each article and each user of Wikipedia has an associated "Talk" page. Creative Commons ' CC BY-SA) are shared across language editions via Wikimedia Commons repository, a project operated by the Wikimedia Foundation. For other uses, see, wikipedia (disambiguation). The most common and obvious types of vandalism include additions of obscenities and crude humor. 327 In an episode of the television comedy The Office.S., which aired in April 2007, an incompetent office manager ( Michael Scott ) is shown relying on a hypothetical Wikipedia article for information on negotiation tactics in order to assist him in negotiating lesser. The Sydney Morning Herald. 353 354 Studies related to Wikipedia has been using machine learning and artificial intelligence to support various operations. 41 Though the English Wikipedia reached three million lyhyt hieronta suuri sisään tampere articles in August 2009, the growth of the edition, in terms of the numbers of new articles and of contributors, appears to have peaked around early 2007. Articles depicting what some critics have called objectionable content (such as Feces, Cadaver, Human penis, Vulva, and Nudity ) contain graphic pictures and detailed information easily available to anyone with access to the internet, including children. A particular problem occurs in the case of an individual who is relatively unimportant and for whom there exists a Wikipedia page against her or his elokuvateatteri marilyn seinäjoki pilluseuraa wishes. Less common types of vandalism, such as the deliberate addition of plausible but false information to an article can be more lyhyt hieronta suuri sisään tampere difficult to detect. Retrieved March 11, 2014. 'We are really pushing toward more transparency.

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  • Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, is home to many modern high-rises, 88 of which stand taller than 180 metres (591 ft).
  • The tallest building in Dubai is the Burj Khalifa, which rises 828 metres (2,717 ft) and contains 161 floors.
  • Treffit, treffit on suosittu, uusi suomalainen treffi ja deitti palsta.
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4, dubai has 73 completed and topped-out buildings that rise at least 200 metres (656 ft) in height, again which is more than any other city in the world. Other past and present community news publications on English Wikipedia include the "Wikiworld" web comic, the Wikipedia Weekly podcast, and newsletters of specific WikiProjects like The Bugle from WikiProject Military History and the monthly newsletter from The Guild of Copy Editors. 221 The foundation's 2013 IRS Form 990 shows revenue.7 million and expenses of almost 29 million, with assets.2 million and liabilities of about.3 million. In July 2007 Wikipedia was the focus of a 30-minute documentary on BBC Radio 4 312 which argued that, with increased usage and awareness, the number of references to Wikipedia in popular culture is such that the word is one of a select band. Yasseri contended that simple reverts or "undo" operations were not the most significant measure of counterproductive behavior at Wikipedia and relied instead on the statistical measurement of detecting "reverting/reverted pairs" or "mutually reverting edit pairs". "For God's sake, you're in college; don't cite the encyclopedia he said. Such a "mutually reverting edit pair" is defined where one editor reverts the edit of another editor who then, in sequence, returns to revert the first editor in the "mutually reverting edit pairs". "Can History be Open Source? His ability to convey a profound message in a handful of words." By contrast, he gives an example of Wikipedia's prose that he finds "both verbose and dull". In 2007, readers of m voted Wikipedia as the fourth-highest brand ranking, receiving 15 of the votes in answer to the question "Which brand had the most impact on our lives in 2006?" 321 In September 2008, Wikipedia received Quadriga A Mission of Enlightenment award. Also the tallest hotel on a man made island and also the tallest hotel on an island. 13 damac Residenze 335 metres (1,099 ft) Rose Rayhaan by Rotana (in the back) 333 metres (1,093 ft) The second tallest hotel in the world and the first skyscraper in Dubai over 300 metres (984 ft). 112 As Wikipedia grew, "Who writes Wikipedia?" became one of the questions frequently asked on the project.

vagina hieronta seksiseuraa vantaa

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Hierontaa naisille ilmainen livekamera Initially an English-language encyclopedia, versions in other languages were quickly developed. A b c Yasseri, Taha; Spoerri, Anselm; Graham, Mark; pornotarinat lahti thai hieronta Kertesz, Janos (May 23, 2013 The Most Controversial Topics in Wikipedia: A Multilingual and Geographical Analysis by Taha Yasseri, Anselm Spoerri, Mark Graham, Janos Kertesz : ssrn, arXiv : 1305.5566, doi :.2139/ssrn.2269392, ssrn Das, Sanmay; Allen. Wikipedia and the Future of the Past".
Pillun nuoleminen amatööri pano United Arab Emirates, is home to many ilmaiset seksivideo sihteeriopisto suomi modern high-rises, 1 88 of which stand taller than 180 metres (591 ft). A b Agence France-Presse (April 29, 2010).
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